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All notable changes to the Architect CLI will be captured in release notes, as well as updates for upcoming breaking changes.

Full changelog can be viewed on our GitHub Repo.

Breaking Change: Replace parameters with secrets keyword

Last year we introduced the secrets keyword and other CLI flags such as -s to replace the parameters keyword. Now it’s time to fully deprecate the use of the parameters keyword and flag(s) throughout component configs and our CLI.

Who does this change affect?

This is a breaking change that affects anyone who utilizes the parameters keyword and flag(s), both in the component configs and in Architect CLI.

Why are we making this change?

Throughout the next year we plan to make several improvements to secrets handling in the component config files. By ensuring use of the secrets keyword we ensure customers can take advantage of these improvements.

Additionally, we are committed to reducing complexity and increasing clarity by eliminating redundancies where possible.

What do you need to do?

  1. Remove all uses of the parameters keyword in your component configs, and in any scripts that issue CLI commands.
  2. Replace all uses of parameters with the secrets keyword and re-register all components.
  3. Change any architect deploy commands to use the -s flag instead of the -p flag.

Again, this is a breaking change that will take effect on or about 8 Feb, 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us via Slack (for customers who have access to us there), or you can file a support ticket at support.architect.io or send email to support@architect.io.


Example: if you were using parameters on the top level of the component config:

    required: true
    required: true

You would change this to:

    required: true
    required: true

Or if your interpolation reference for an environment variable looks like

  NODE_ENV: ${{ parameters.NAME }}

then it should be changed to

  NODE_ENV: ${{ secrets.NAME }}

If you issue a command like

[...] -p key=value [...]

Or (the non shorthand version)

[...] --parameter key=value [...]

then it should be changed to

[...] -s key=value  [...]

or (the non-shorthand version):

[...] --secret key=value [...]