Personal Access Tokens (PATs) are used to authenticate third-party applications to run architect commands. For example, when connecting to GitHub to use one of our starter projects, we generate a PAT on your behalf so GitHub actions can automatically spin up and tear down environments as part of an automated CI/CD flow.

PATs for Automated Testing

Architect is frequently run in automated CI/CD workflows such as GitHub actions and GitLab CI/CD where a user should not log in using a personal password. For cases like these, users can log in to Architect using a username and a personal access token. Tokens can be created on your personal access tokens page and be set to expire at any time, or never. Once a personal access token is generated, logging in can be done with the command

architect login -e <your-email-address> -p <your-personal-access-token>

The environment variable ARCHITECT_PASSWORD can be set to a personal access token rather than using the -p flag and providing the personal access token directly to the command.


Your personal access tokens provide access to all functions of your Architect accounts that you normally have. If one is compromised, find it in the list of personal access tokens on your personal access tokens page and revoke it. Personal access tokens should always be stored securely.