In most scenarios, an Architect component will be registered and deployed with the same deploy command. In cases where a component should be registered but not immediately deployed, Architect provides the register command.

Registering a component

Registering a component will push a component’s configuration and Docker image to the Architect Cloud. The component will then be ready to be deployed at any time. To register a component, just run a command similar to the one below which specifies the path of the Architect component configuration file. If no tag is specified with the -t or --tag flag, the tag latest will be used.

architect register ./architect.yml

Tagging a component

Components can be registered with different tags such as 0.0.1, preview-10, or latest in order to differentiate between versions. Tagging components is especially useful in cases where different versions of the component should be deployed to different environments such as a preview environment, staging, or production. An example of registering with a tag is below.

architect register ./architect.yml -t 0.0.1