Interfaces are the primary means by which services and components advertise their resolvable addresses to others. By advertising their functionality, they allow other services and components to connect to them. Services inside the same component can always connect to one another via service discovery, but without an interface at the component-level, services will not be able to be resolved by any outside users or applications.

description: A human-readable description of the interface
subdomain: pub # Results in https://pub.<addr>
url: ${{ services['my-service'].interfaces.api.url }}

Interfaces at the service level support a shorthand to quickly specify the listening port. Component-level interfaces support a similar shorthand, but instead of assigning to the port value, the short-hand maps to the url value. This can make it easier to create interfaces that map directly to the interfaces of a service inside the component:

public: ${{ services['my-service'].interfaces.api.url }}

Configuration options


The address that the interface brokers traffic to. This will usually be a reference to a service interface inside the component.


(optional) A human-readable description of the interface that informs users of what it should be used for.



(optional) The subdomain that will be used if the interface is exposed externally (defaults to the interface name)

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